Precaution at Home

How can an infected person with a family / partner / child live to protect them from being infected?

At home, the AIDS virus can enter the other family members through the wound through the blood of the infected person. The following is the "three steps of infection":

  1. There are a certain amount of virus body fluids, respectively, blood, semen and vaginal secretions, saliva, sweat, tears, urine and feces, although with the virus, but the number is too small to be infected with others.
  2. The body has a fresh wound of bleeding, do not calculate the cough wound.
  3. With a certain amount of virus body fluids exposed to fresh wounds

Even more than the above three conditions are met does not necessarily 100% meant the person is infected, but not one of the conditions can not be infected, so daily physical contact, handshake, hug, kissing, etc., will not spread AIDS virus. If the infected person is injured and bleeding, it is necessary to wear gloves when dealing with the wound, to avoid direct contact with blood, such as with the blood of the virus shallow to the household appliances, with 1:49 household bleach clean (virus exposed to the air will die). Doing more than you can make sure your family is not infected. In addition, infected patients such as taking cocktail therapy drugs, the virus index can not detect the level, can reduce the risk of 96% transmission.

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