In 1981, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention informed the country's first case of HIV infection, the first case of HIV infection in Hong Kong in 1984, and the first AIDS case in 1985. In the past, AIDS patients around the world can be said to be drug-free, until the 1995 "cocktail" treatment of the invention and widely used, the successful improvement of anti-AIDS drugs, so that today's infected people and ordinary people have no life The And after years of drug research and development, new drugs are more effective than old drugs, fewer side effects.

Doctors will be the first clinical diagnosis, according to the person's physical condition and the willingness of the three sides began to determine the medication. Before the official start of the course of treatment, doctors or nurses will provide counseling for infection, to understand the lifestyle of infected people, explain the efficacy of taking drugs, side effects and the importance of carrying out the medication. Eventually get infected with consent to start taking medication.

How does the doctor determine when the infected person starts medication?
Most of the Western studies are 800 to 1000 for the normal number of CD4 cells, is to consider CD4 and individual height and weight is proportional to the different gender and race vary widely. Universal Asian CD4 is less than Westerners. And the number of CD4 can only reflect the opportunity of opportunistic infections, and the diagnosis of whether the disease is one of the factors, so we should not be too concerned about the number of CD4, a sufficient number to maintain the normal immunity can be more.

Hong Kong AIDS specialist CD4

Many infected people are very much concerned about CD4 and less, but in fact the number of virus index is the key. Because as long as the virus dropped to undetectable levels, CD4 will naturally rise, but also greatly reduce the impact of various organ function opportunities. When a person CD4 <350, the doctor will recommend starting the medication; if the virus index & gt; 100,000, no matter how high CD4, the doctor will recommend starting medication. 

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