Route of Transmission

How is HIV transmitted??
As long as you are infected with the AIDS virus (human immunodeficiency virus), you will have the chance to cause AIDS. HIV is transmitted from the infected person's blood, semen and vaginal secretions from the following route to others: 

Unsafe sex
For both male and female, vaginal and anal intercourse without using condoms are the most common way of transmission of AIDS; In contrast, the risk of oral sex is lower.  

Shared needle
People share needle during drug taking, AIDS virus can directly into the body through the blood.

Month-to-child transmission
AIDS can be transmitted from an infected mother to her baby during pregnancy, delivery or breast feeding.

Blood Transfusion
Since 1985, all blood samples conducted in Hong Kong have been tested. It is, therefore, safe to receive blood transfusions in Hong Kong.

Under what circumstances, I will not be infected?
HIV is transmitted through contact with an HIV-positive person's infected body fluids, such as semen, pre-ejaculate fluid, vaginal fluids and blood.HIV cannot be transmitted through toilet seats or door-knob handles, touching, hugging, holding hands, cheek kissing with an HIV-infected person, sharing eating utensils with an HIV-infected person and mosquito bites. Do not share tooth brush and razor. If an infected person bleeds, the wound must be handled carefully. Avoid direct contact with blood. By following all the above precautions, you will be to ensure you will not be not infected in daily life.

HIV is very small. Although it cannot penetrate our skin into the body, it can enter our body through cuts and open wounds. It can also penetrate some very thin skin and mucous tissue, including: eye, glands, vaginal wall and anus wall. When the virus-containing blood, prostate secretion, semen, vaginal secretions, rectal secretion are exposed to the glands, vagina and anus wall, the virus have the opportunity to enter into the body. Mucosa can be injured very easy in the process of sexual intercourse, the virus can then gets through the wound into the body easily. Proper use of condoms can effectively protect both parties from being infected.

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