AIDS Treatment: "cocktail therapy"

AIDS treatment method "highly effective antiretroviral therapy" was made in 1995 by the Chinese-American scientist Dr. He Daji proposed, Hong Kong began in 1996, since the AIDS virus mortality rate dropped significantly, healthy body But also to the lives of infected people, such as those who do not have the same infection, you can continue to school, work, do want to do things, plan life. This therapy is commonly known as "cocktail therapy", so now AIDS has been defined as long-term patients.

"Cocktail therapy" refers to the simultaneous use of several drugs to suppress the AIDS virus, just like a cocktail. There are more than 20 kinds of drugs currently used in Hong Kong.

AIDS into the human body, it will attack the body's immune system, when the immune capacity down to a certain level, people will be vulnerable to other bacterial / viral infection, that is, "opportunistic infection." When there was no "cocktail therapy" in the past, the infected person usually died because of an "opportunistic infection". Therefore, the role of "cocktail therapy" is to prevent the virus from attacking the immune system. As long as the immunization is good, the infected person will not get an "opportunistic infection". At present, Hong Kong's medical technology, in most cases, "opportunistic infections" can be cured.

AIDS has not yet been eradicated, but the "cocktail therapy" is now the most recognized and scientifically evidence of effective control of AIDS. If you are infected with an AIDS virus, the infected person will need to undergo regular physical examinations and discuss with the healthcare provider when to start taking the medication.


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