Scandal! No swimming class, expelled in National Defense University discriminates a student with HIV

Outbreak of discrimination AIDS students "scandal in National Defense University!" A senior full-time student Ah-Li (a pseudonym) being identified by the school to be HIV positive in a medical examination, no one expected the school actually did everything possible to prohibit him from attending swimming class, asked the dishes separate clothes cleaning , and even weeks to talk about the students, forcing them to drop out of school, Centers for Disease Control (CDC)in the Ministry of Health and Welfare today (26) days of anger to carry the National Defense University, the appeal in the final request to withdraw from school punishment.

Taipei High Administrative Court decided to defend the Department of Health by adjudicating on the case that National Defense University refused to accept the Ministry of Health and Welfare for Ah-Li on a few days ago. The director-general of Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Steve Kuo held a press conference this afternoon personally, stressing that the practice of the school is substantive discrimination. Strive to appeal in the end.

Kuo said that the court of first instance did not deny that the school has discriminated against but denied that the Ministry of Health and Welfare did not overthrow the discrimination of other administrative organs. Obviously neglecting the legislative spirit of the "HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act" is a major setback to the CDC's efforts to implement the human rights protection for AIDS. This case will cause an irreversible situation from the outset, and the CDC will not let it stop here.

Ivory Lin, secretary-general of PWA/HIV Rights Advocacy Association, said that not only did the school intervene with different teachers for no reason around the week, urging them not to go home for rest or to take rest, "the students think you are weird or leave school voluntarily "And even threatened if not automatically withdraw from school, it is necessary to inform the family of the disease, and finally arrested Ah-Li on the grounds, with a bad attitude, top writers and other continuous write-off school.

Taiwan is still discriminating against AIDS! Lin emphasized that although the Ah-Li filed a complaint with Ministry of Health and Welfare, it received patience from the Department of Health and Education that the school should resume the opportunity for schooling or reconciliation between the two parties. I did not expect that the court should now withdraw the punishment from the Ministry of Health and Welfare for improvement.

Kuo stressed that the CDC regretted the ruling, but also saddened and displeased with the suffering of Ah-Li, will be appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court, but also urged the National Defense University to respond in good faith, to take the place of discrimination instead of discrimination, to accept love from the heart HIV infected people. And remind people living with HIV / AIDS that if they are subjected to various types of unfair treatment or discrimination, they may seek the assistance of personnel of the Health Bureau to actively seek their legitimate rights and interests in school, employment and medical treatment.

2016.04.26 / 17:31
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